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Get everyone on the current set

Access all project info from anywhere. From plans and specs to defects, docs, and photos, PlanGrid is your only source of truth.

Collaboration in premises

Instantly share plans and docs that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable with full sheet search.

Complete turnover without losing data

With accurate data collected during construction, it's easy to turn over a secure and digital cons drawings for facilities management and operations.

Projects of all sizes

1M+ construction projects — from the country's longest highways to the world's skycrapes — all built with PlanGrid.
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“PlanGrid is like having the whole project in your pocket.”
-- Andrew Decker, Construction Manager
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Trusted by the top industry contractors, owners, and architects:
Save Time and Money
With faster timelines, shrinking budgets, and fewer skilled workers available today, we understand the importance of measuring the ROI of your construction productivity software. See how much time we can give back to you.

Learn more on topics like lean construction, BIM, and going mobile.

An Introduction to Lean Construction for Today's Construction Professionals
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Learn how New Zealand company VAICO uses PlanGrid to improve the inspection process
Construction Productivity 101:
A Practical Guide to Increase Productivity in 7 Easy Steps
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