Interior of construction project.

Bartlett Cocke transforms UT Health San Antonio

The $45 million, 125,000 sq ft teaching center houses classrooms, lecture halls, student labs—medicine, dentistry and nursing, a digital anatomy lab and administrative space. Challenges included working on an occupied campus and complex, underground tunneling for tie-in to existing utility mains.


time savings


rework savings


paper savings

Time Savings

To calculate time savings, we sent out a survey to the team asking, “About how many hours per week does PlanGrid save you, compared to using paper blueprints?” For superintendents, we used the average time savings of five hours of savings/week, and for architects, 7.5 hours of savings/week. Together the nine team members reported a total savings of 1,612 hours/year. Multiplying that out by the national average salary for their respective positions, we calculate the total time savings to be $167,024/year.

"[PlanGrid is the] best thing to happen in construction in the last 10 years...cuts time in half, and drawings are always current."

Luis Berumen

Project Manager

Paper Savings

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors reported an internal budget of $6,000 for paper blueprints. They also reported an average of $500 - $1,000 budgeted by each of their subcontractors. For the purpose of this calculation, we used an average of the reported budget which is $750/ subcontractor. We estimated about 20 major trades on a given project which nets to a $15,000 total budget for all subcontractors. Therefore, the total paper savings is $21,000.

Rework Savings

Rework is one of the most costly disruptions to a construction project and one of the hardest construction costs to measure. Yet, its negative impact on the construction schedule and budget is something that cannot be ignored. One of the main causes of rework is the field worker’s accidental usage and building off of outdated drawings, due to the difficulty of physically distributing constantly changing drawing sheets and updating them with the most current information. PlanGrid’s complete platform, automatic syncing, distribution, and versioning of new sheets eliminate this problem.

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Other project built with PlanGrid

Children's Hospital of San Antonio

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors is fully renovating 12 floors of the existing Christus Santa Rosa Health System City Centre campus structure, complete with a new façade. The unique challenges of this $135 million project include working in and around an occupied hospital, maintaining hospital mission critical operations, a project site with minimal laydown area and laser scanning of existing building for BIM coordination of new and existing building components in order to transform the landmark building into a modern, world-class children’s hospital.

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