How an innovative building surveying team leverages construction technology to excel in the industry

The three partners of KRT Building Consultants have over 70 years of experience in building surveying between them. If that vast wealth of experience has taught them anything, it is to be open to new technology that can maximise their time and increase their efficiency.


Tasks and Issues Tracked




Photos Created

The inefficiencies of construction quality control began to add up

Construction quality control inspections are a detailed and time-consuming process. A building’s defects must be evaluated accurately and the solutions to fixing them need to be implemented thoroughly before building handover.

KRT’s projects can be heavy with paperwork and physical media. This results in a labourintensive workload when evaluating a jobsite, distilling all the information into an easily digestible report and distributing it to contractors, engineers and clients.

KRT required a way to streamline the traditional “camera and site notes” process, proving the project team with accurate information in real time and delivering high-quality and costeffective service

“I could quickly photograph the exact window, socket outlet, floor area or the fixtures and fittings we needed to survey, link the photo to an exact location on the floor plan and add additional commentary where necessary. It helped me get through 60 apartments in one day.”

Keith Tickner

Director KRT

Onboarding a technology solution to improve the project workflow

KRT began to research mobile software solutions to see what would fit their needs. The company quickly discovered that PlanGrid was the best product for the team to log issues and upload documents for contractors to access. It made everyone’s lives easier on a jobsite.

Peter notes, “We can record a QA issue on the tablet on site, take a photograph and easily locate it on a floor plan or elevation. This makes it easy for the team to know “what” and “where” the issue is. In addition, when we’re reviewing drawings or plans, we can mark-up our concerns with commentary that can be easily interpreted. It cuts down on the time spent going back and forth between people in the field and the office."

Saving time, saving money

Cutting down on all the administrative headaches that came with how they did things “in the old days” also meant cost savings for KRT and its clients.

“The main benefit of PlanGrid is the speed,” Keith Rankine says. “Supplying all that information quickly to the contractors and designers and architects means they can act on it right away. In any project, time is money. Getting that information out and the work turned around quickly, saves the client money.”

Peter Grantham concurs with this assessment: “I used PlanGrid for 12 months and recognised the potential time it could save us. We’re a threeteam startup company, and now we are all saving time on projects by using the software, we can pass these efficiencies onto our current and potential clients.” He adds, “We even had a contractor who was so impressed with what we were achieving in terms of professional-looking documentation, increased efficiency and cost savings that they purchased PlanGrid for their business.”

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