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How Joeris General Contractors, Ltd. improves field efficiency

Joeris General Contractors, Ltd. adopted PlanGrid in 2014 to support a major project in one of their biggest markets — education. They have now completed more than 10 projects using the app, and after evaluating their savings, PlanGrid has proven its value for Joeris’ future builds.


saved per week, per team member


anticipated reduction in punchlist schedule


superintendents fully trained on PlanGrid

The Problem

Before PlanGrid, Joeris was primarily using paper in the field to mark up and access their drawings. It was typical for their field staff to travel back and forth from the trailer each time they needed to reference plans. There were drawing and project management softwares being used in the office, but Joeris was searching for a mobile blueprint solution to limit those trailer trips as much as possible. Joeris also needed an app that would be quickly adopted by their tech-averse superintendents.

“Anything we can put on PlanGrid, we do.”

Jason Adam

Senior Project Manager

The Solution

Joeris started their transition into mobile solutions by testing field apps for quality and safety audits. In addition, they looked into several blueprint management apps, until they noticed PlanGrid being used onsite.

“We were looking for anything that saved time between the trailer and field. When we saw PlanGrid in the field, we asked ‘why aren’t we on this?’” - Tim Guillaume, Director of QC, Joeris


All the hours saved, by cutting out the constant trips to the trailer, allowed Joeris' superintendents to spend more time observing installation of work and contribute to reduced labor costs over the course of the project. In the process of improving field efficiency, Joeris also avoids rework by continually working from the correct drawings and tracking issues in real-time. They have mandated PlanGrid on every single project over the past six months, and by the end of Q2 2017 they will have 100% of their superintendents formally trained on PlanGrid. They currently have 30 projects running on PlanGrid, plus 10 that have been completed already.

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University of the Incarnate Word

Joeris has been building a student center for the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio since 2015. A variety of PlanGrid features have been used from the start on the $30M project. All of Joeris’ change orders, submittals, shop drawings and equipment cut sheets are housed in PlanGrid. Plus, they’ve tracked 2400 issues that are accessible to the trades from anywhere.