Interior of completed commercial project.

Customer success story: Ardent Construction

This $2.3 million, 400-day project involves remodeling and new construction in Friendswood, Texas. Existing conditions were not as depicted in the original plans and Ardent used PlanGrid to create asbuilts to reflect existing conditions, get the latest drawings to the field, and document changes.


labor and schedule savings


ROI of PlanGrid


total savings

Labor and rework savings

This project includes three users: one Superintendent, one Foreman, and one Project Manager. While public projects are typically more slow paced than private ones, Brown suggested that PlanGrid helped shave off at least 2-3 weeks of the project in the early phases of site and concrete work. The savings in both labor and general conditions have so far amounted to about $25,000. Ardent self-performs concrete, storm, and dirt work. They estimate PlanGrid has so far saved them about $15,000 by having the correct plans accessible at all times.

"It's about time and money and doing things right the first time. Not screwing stuff up on the job leads to huge savings."

Jake Brown

Project Manager and Estimator

Paper and printing savings

Ardent saved over $2,000 by cutting down their physical plan sets by 50%. Before using PlanGrid, they would print half sets for walking the site and a full set for each person on the job. Now they only print a set for inspectors to keep on site and a bid set for the office. They do most of their referencing on PlanGrid, using a computer, iPhone, or iPad.

Empowering the field

Reflecting on their increase in productivity, Jake Brown is excited to empower his team with PlanGrid. For Jake, this means answering fewer questions about issues, and focusing more time on bidding, contracts, and estimating. It also means knowing that everyone is equipped to do their job right: “We all like doing our jobs right and having a good relationship with each other. Having PlanGrid means you don’t have to tell someone they messed up or did the wrong job.”

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Other project built with PlanGrid

Uncle Julio's

This $2.7 million, 150 day project required Ardent Construction to build a new prototype of Uncle Julio’s Mexican restaurant in Katy, Texas, and they uploaded all drawings and renderings to PlanGrid from the very beginning. Design and layout inconsistencies required quick revisions and tight collaboration between the Architect, Owner, Owner’s Rep, Project Manager, Superintendent, and Foreman (all of whom used PlanGrid).

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