How Teichert uses PlanGrid to get work done faster

To improve document control and communication on the jobsite, Teichert has used PlanGrid across their regional offices on a variety of projects, including the $4 million Dollar Tree Distribution Center in Stockton, CA.


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The Problem

Communication is one of the primary job site challenges that Teichert faces. Working on projects where plans change constantly makes it difficult to ensure that everyone is working from the most up-to-date plans. When owners need to be consulted about an issue or RFI, or a new foreman comes on a job, they need to have access to the latest information and be able to take action immediately.

While the company uses a project management system to track scheduling and processes in the office, they found it wasn't addressing these issues. The team needed a solution that was purpose-built to foster collaboration between the field and the office.

"The amount of time I spent driving back to the trailer just to pick up new plans or send an email was painful, it adds up."

Brad Haygood

Project Manager

The Solution

With PlanGrid, the team at Teichert uses a wide range of PlanGrid features to share information and work more productively together. They are able to not only share plan revisions immediately with anyone on the project, but also attach all other relevant project documents. Superintendents and foremen have specifications, RFIs, and other documentation available on their mobile devices at all times.


The team values PlanGrid because it improves communication on projects and allows them to get things done faster, but equally important is the savings it provides. Brad Haygood, Project Manager, estimates Teichert saves thousands per week by not printing paper blueprints. And by saving an average of five hours of work per week per person by reducing trips and extra face-to-face meetings, Teichert saves over $200,000 worth of labor per year, and growing.

The company recently created an internal technology committee to explore how to standardize every employee and project on tools like PlanGrid. Haygood explains, "PlanGrid's been hugely valuable to us as a smaller group and as individuals, but imagine if we had the entire company working and collaborating in it -- the value would grow exponentially."

"PlanGrid has fundamentally improved the speed and quality of our communication on the jobsite unlike any tool I've ever used," Haygood concludes, "The time and cost savings that it provides are noticeable within minutes of picking it up."

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