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Customer success story: Air Analysis of Atlanta Inc.

Dane Richards is the Cx and Business Operations Manager for AAI. He’s been using PlanGrid for approximately three years including successful implementation on multiple higher education projects such as the University of Georgia - Business Learning Community (BLC) Phase I project.


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The Problem

Dane Richards, the Cx and Business Operations Manager for AAI, recalls, “The UGA BLC project was the first time we implemented PlanGrid during construction and not simply during system checkout. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because the mechanical systems had some unique challenges. It was a new construction project where the building is served by three fan-array style Air Handling Units which are manifolded together on the supply, return, and outside air ductwork. Also, the chilled and hot water systems are fed from an existing campus loop instead of chillers and boilers dedicated for the building. Lastly, the university had specific requirements that they wanted us to verify throughout construction."

"Our reports provided all the necessary details and streamlined communication for everyone involved in the project."

Dane Richards

Cx & Business Operations Manager

The Solution

"PlanGrid enabled us to document and communicate our findings for these requirements in a way we had never been able to before," recounts Dane Richards. "Not only did we have images of items that needed to be resolved, it linked these images to their specific locations on the project drawings to facilitate resolution. Our reports provided all the necessary details and streamlined communication for everyone involved in the project.”


Before using PlanGrid, AAI's tracking process included taking photos on site, and then going back to the office, trying to remember where the photos were taken, then spending hours trying to format everything in a report. Using PlanGrid, a report linking photos to physical locations on the plans can be generated in minutes. Having everything on a device means having two free hands available for testing and inspections. There is never any need to carry notepads, plans, or cameras.

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