A growing construction company wanted to make a splash in the education sector. PlanGrid helped pull it off.

Founded in 2003, the Ontario-based builder strives to embody the values found in its three-word motto: Project Execution Excellence. But to really break through, CSL had to prove itself more efficient and innovative than its competitors.


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An abbreviated schedule made swift, accurate communication essential

The Conestoga College project presented one big challenge: an especially short timeline. The expansion needed to be completed by September 4, 2018, so it would be available for the start of fall classes. The winning bidder would have just 16 months to build out a 170,000-square-foot space that included high-tech classrooms, commercial kitchens and labs.

The tight timetable required Collaborative Structures Limited to ensure jobsite and crew efficiencies. Of particular concern was document management. They needed a solution to easily roll out the constantly updated plans and minutiae of a complicated project.

“With PlanGrid, I don’t have to run back to my office. I have all the changes and proposed change orders right there.”

Adrian Vurgts

Sr. Superintendent

An enhanced experience for Conestoga College

Once the expansion was complete, the work shifted to renovations within the existing space. With the academics and construction teams working side by side, keeping the students and the staff safe was a priority. With PlanGrid, the team at CSL was able to work more efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruption to the campus. Tim Schill, the Sr. Director of Facilities Management at Conestoga College explained, “PlanGrid saved us a lot of time because it made everyone more efficient and improved coordination.”

As CSL nears completion of the renovations, they are proactively thinking about turning over documents and as-builts. With PlanGrid, turning over as-builts is not a concern. Since all the as-builts are already updated and uploaded to PlanGrid, CSL can quickly turn over high quality and accurate data to Conestoga. Through PlanGrid and a few iPads, Conestoga will have the information it needs for maintenance and upkeep forever.

Planning for the future

Using PlanGrid helped turn the Conestoga project into a big success for Collaborative Structures. Now the company is hungry for more. It has now deployed the software across 19 active construction projects, with plans for another six in the pre-construction phase.

“We can update as-builts 24 hours a day with all field verifications and shop drawings live, Blair says. “I used to have thousands of drawings in my office. Now I don’t have a single one. It is night and day from before we onboarded PlanGrid.”

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