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How Snyder Langston keeps everybody on the same page

Snyder Langston’s largest PlanGrid-based project is The Boardwalk, an office space currently under construction in Irvine, CA. They’re working on a 7.5-acre lot with two interconnected nine-story buildings. 140 people are onsite daily, and they’re all using PlanGrid.


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The Problem

In 2014, Snyder Langston wanted to keep everybody in the field on the same page to improve the speed and quality of their work, and mitigate risks of rework and mistakes. They were already prepared to give digital prints to all of their superintendents—they each had an iPad. They just needed the appropriate software. The way their field staff accessed plans had to be easy to learn, use, and organize. Their favorite blueprint readers in the office loaded much too slowly, and updating drawings was often difficult and time-consuming. The company was looking for a native mobile app that would automate manual tasks, make RFIs instantly accessible to everyone, and offer a responsive support team to ensure success.

“PlanGrid rose to the top. It was overwhelmingly easier to use in the field, so it was a no-brainer for all projects.”

Andy Gerlach

Technical Services Manager

The Solution

Snyder Langston evaluated several software solutions, and PlanGrid was the obvious winner. Its key attributes included speed and the ‘natural’ feel of its interface. The sheet-based format and swiping motions allow supers and subs to flip quickly through sheets, while sheet filtering, tagging, and search let users find the sheets they need—fast. Most importantly, PlanGrid enabled the team at Snyder Langston to use electronic plans more efficiently than any other app, because of its support team. The support chat box on PlanGrid’s website--manned by real PlanGrid experts--answers users' questions in just seconds. PlanGrid’s consulting team has also served as a huge benefit, keeping the team informed of best practices, so they can get the most out of PlanGrid. Snyder Langston successfully turned the app into a collaboration tool that crosses all boundaries. Their clients and subcontractors use PlanGrid to communicate from anywhere throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Other project built with PlanGrid

Long Beach Exchange

Snyder Langston is currently administering a fully-loaded PlanGrid project on the Long Beach Exchange, which is a 26 acre, 17-building retail center with unique design features (including a prefabricated metal hangar structure). They’ve just finished preconstruction, and all of their subcontractors are contracted to use the app, with Snyder Langston managing the Admin Console.

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