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Live updates let you prevent issues from escalating, communicate with your contractors, and make immediate, informed decisions. Strike the right balance between costs, schedule, and meeting the requests of your end users.

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Matt Hoey
"It blows my mind that we have actually performed this role for so many years without the instant and unfettered field access to all drawings, specifications, RFIs, and issues that PlanGrid provides."

Matt HoeySenior Project Coordinator, Marx Okubo

Who uses PlanGrid?

Owner's Reps, Construction Management

Owner's Reps, Construction Management Who need 24/7 access to hot items in order to make quick decisions.

Directors or VPs of Construction

Directors or VPs of Construction Who look for consistent workflows across their program to get predictable results.


Inspectors Who need to check, confirm, and record that what was built matches what was approved.

Facilities Management Teams

Facilities Management Teams Who look to as-builts for maintenance, troubleshooting, or future build-outs.

Easy to implement. Instant impact.

On time, on budgetAccurate planning lets you exceed expectations of schedule, cost, and quality.

CertaintyWork off the latest plans and quickly access information—with little risk of rework.

TransparencyInstill accountability in stakeholders using clear documentation with no surprises.

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