Take control of how your team collaborates.

Focus communication and information

With PlanGrid Workspaces, you can divide projects by the way your team works, such as by phase, area, or trade. This provides your team with a focused area to work in, helping to reduce confusion from clutter and allowing you to tightly manage the workflow.

Maintain ownership and privacy control

Share sensitive information with only the right people and keep detailed records of your work history. Notes stay private, synched only to that Workspace. You can also make personal notes and share them with your team as needed.

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Get automatic updates

Access and stay up-to-date on relevant communication and information so you can work better and faster. Workspaces are always connected to the project and automatically receive updates in real time.

Simplicity for users

Use the same interface and tools as the rest of PlanGrid so you can get up and running in minutes

Ensure accessibility

Switch between Workspaces and the project easily

Flexibility across projects

Create different workflows without confusing, complex permissions

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