The process for tracking submittals is broken. With thousands of submittal register items, manual data entry and inconsistent approval chains, construction projects are at risk for costly errors and delays. PlanGrid Submittals, combined with the Automatic Submittal Log, provides a complete submittals solution from specifications to the field.

Streamline the submittal review process
Tracking and managing the submittal review process from start to finish just got easier. PlanGrid Submittals enables submittals to progress from you, the subcontractor and the architect with just a click of a button, allowing you to notify individuals while keeping the submittals process moving.
Identify the status of a submittal
From the Submittals dashboard, you can see at a glance which items are upcoming or overdue. Use this information to prioritize, follow up, and get towards ordering the materials needed to begin construction.
Share approved submittals with the field instantly
As soon as a submittal is approved, it is immediately accessible in the PlanGrid mobile app. With zero delay, subcontractors can pin approved documents to drawings to ensure that the team is building with the correct materials.
Generate an Automatic Submittal Log

Upload your spec book and get a submittal register log in minutes. Learn more.

Get the approvals you need

Architects and subcontractors can respond to a submittal via email or in PlanGrid.

Be prepared for OAC meetings

Keep team members informed through automated weekly reports and a history log.

See it in action
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