Advanced RFIs

Close the loop between the field and office to resolve RFIs faster

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PlanGrid's Advanced RFIs not only helps speed up the building process, but also shows me exactly what needs to happen to move the project forward.
-Rob Winklepleck, General Manager, West Brothers Construction
Engage the field right away

Don’t wait to create RFIs once you’re back in the trailer. Right from your mobile device, PlanGrid makes it easier than ever to submit questions once an issue is spotted. Use voice dictation to cut down on manual entry and add photos to provide context.

Collaborate on RFIs through email

Without needing to be trained or added to the PlanGrid project, the design team or other reviewers can respond to an RFI through email. Every email reply or attachment is automatically logged in the RFI History so that no response slips through the cracks.

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Deliver projects on schedule

When it comes to RFIs, you want to get answers quickly and with the least amount of back-and forth. PlanGrid streamlines the RFI process for you by tracking what stage the RFI is in and displaying who needs to take action so you can effortlessly move RFIs from draft to distribution.

Add context to reduce miscommunication

Easily upload photos, snapshots, documents and more from your mobile device or the web.

Keep the project team in the loop

The project team is notified as soon as an RFI is submitted, reviewed or distributed.

Share approved RFIs instantly

With one click, the RFI can be distributed to the field team so they know just how to keep building.

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