Tasks and punch lists

Resolve issues in record time.


Track the progress of all your deficiencies in one place.

Reduce the risk of surprise change orders or delays.
Breeze through closeout and inspections with ease.
End-to-end task management
Drop punch list items and manage them end-to-end, right from your phone. Issues can track defects, inspection notes, design coordination, or anything else. You can keep more stakeholders accountable and up-to-date by creating groups, or placing multiple assignees and watchers on issues.
Cost and schedule impact
Plan better by tracking punch list issues in the field with cost and schedule impacts, all the way down to the dollar amount and number of days.
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Generate rich reports
Instantly share reports with select issues, including dates, times, location on the plans, and related photos. It’s your digital audit trail of who did what, and when.
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