Punch Lists

Resolve issues in record time.

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PlanGrid allows me to answer most questions on the spot. This boosts productivity and allows me to spend more time out in the field. It streamlines creating punch lists, saving time and resources.
-Tony Blass, Assistant Superintendent, Hoar Construction
Track punch lists in one place

Track defects, inspection notes, design coordination and much more, all in PlanGrid.

Find a punch list item in seconds

Identify a punch list item when you see a stamp on the sheet, or use Filters to find it by status.

Get the team to complete work on time

Assign punch list items to relevant individuals or groups while keeping stakeholders updated.

Breeze through closeout and inspection

Right from the field, manage punch lists items from your mobile phone. Identify issues, assign tasks and track the progress of each item all the way from inspection to completion.

Identify cost or schedule impacts

When the work does not comply with contract specifications, PlanGrid makes it simple to note whether the issue will have any schedule or cost impacts, down to the dollar amount and number of days. Stakeholders are kept informed so there are no surprises.

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Generate rich reports

Instantly share reports with the owner, general contractor, subcontractor or design team. Reports will include select issues, including dates, times, locations and related photos. It’s your digital audit trail of who did what and when.

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