Project documents

The entire record set linked directly from your plans.

All file types
PlanGrid supports images, spreadsheets, documents, videos, CAD files and even Google Earth.
Drag and drop
Uploading files is as easy as dragging and dropping them from your desktop or cloud.
Document control
Similar to sheets, documents can be easily marked up, shared and edited with text, pen and highlight tools.
Shortcuts to the most up-to-date docs
Whether it’s specs, submittals, RFI responses, schedules or installation instructions — any document can be added as a custom hyperlink to your plans. A new version of a document will save as "V2" and all users will be directed to the newest version by default.
Unlimited document storage
Attach as many documents as you like, regardless of your PlanGrid plan. Keep them organized and easy to find in our folder structure and with powerful search.
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Mention users, sheets or docs
Mentions make it easy to notify the team or add hyperlinks wherever you are using comments in PlanGrid. To reference another user, a particular document or sheet, simply mention by typing '@' or '+' in any mobile comment box. Your teammate will get a notification and can tap directly into a sheet or document, if one is referenced.
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