Admin console

Manage teams and projects centrally.

Easy dashboard

See and adjust settings for all of your organization’s projects (including users, sheet count, and project status) from a single dashboard.

Manage users and licenses

Admins can add and remove team members individually or in batches, and control permissions for who can edit or publish documents.

Single Sign-On

Use SSO to manage your team’s access to PlanGrid through your preferred SAML 2.0 identity provider, such as Azure AD, ADFS, Okta, and OneLogin.

Manage users and projects with ease

Manage users in one place where you can make updates to licenses, remove users, edit notes, reset passwords, expire sessions, and enable or disable SSO. Click into a user's profile page to see and edit all of their organizational projects.

Archive projects

Archive projects when they are completed. They will not count toward your sheet limit and are removed from each team member’s project list. Restore a project at any time.

See how PlanGrid is used across your organization

Corporate Analytics showcases top-level actions taken by users under their organization. View information related to the creation of documents, sheets, issues, RFIs, and field reports, highlighting feature usage at both a project and team member level.

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