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PlanGrid for higher education is based on a simple idea: leverage PlanGrid’s internal experts, technology, and resources to help educate the next generation of construction leaders. PlanGrid for higher education offers a variety of packages to meet any educational needs––from a small classroom setup to an entire university rollout. The goal is to have students become better builders from the very first moment they step onto a job site.

Free subscription

  • Complimentary premium licenses for students or administrators with a .edu email address.
  • PlanGrid Admin Console to easily administer and manage licenses.
  • 2hr session with a PlanGrid consultant for faculty to learn the basics.
  • Access to template projects, classroom chat rooms, and industry standard workflows in the PlanGrid for Education portal (coming soon).

Some participating institutions

Some participating institutions

California State University, Chico Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program St. Louis Honolulu Community College Louisiana Tech University Massey University of New Zealand University of Louisiana Monroe University of Florida University of Alabama Auburn University

Possible topics for learning

Versioning drawings: Learn how to draw phases and types of construction documents (i.e. design drawings, addendums, ASK, etc.), and how to manage changes throughout the project.

Issue tracking and punch lists: Learn how to document and track all issues on a jobsite (i.e. safety issues, QA/QC, existing damages, punch lists, etc.). Better understand how to manage issues on a job site and document them, allowing construction managers to more efficiently control added costs to their project.

RFIs: Learn how to create an RFI with all the information needed to get quick responses from design teams. Gain the knowledge to better manage RFIs and understand which trades will be impacted.

Project documentation: Learn how to document a project, including progress photos, redline markups, design comments, and more. Proper documentation allows students to become better managers and supervisors.

Project closeout: Learn how to find project completion requirements through contracts and specifications, create as-builts, and build closeout packages to turn over to the owner. A solid understanding of the closeout and turnover phase is imperative for a successful project.

Senior projects: Students can use PlanGrid to create a digital repository of construction documents, which teaches them how to combine all their skills in real-world workflows. PlanGrid allows for instructors to oversee each project and digitally issue new documents to project teams, just as a design team would.

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