How Embracing Software Can Boost Productivity for Concrete Subcontractors
A discussion on why embracing software tools is the next step for Concrete Subcontractors to empower themselves on the project site.

Many Concrete Subcontractors still manage their work manually. Modern construction productivity tools solve the challenges a manual work environment creates and can yield a huge impact on how you operate as a business. Teams who leverage these tools spend less time on administrative tasks like keeping field workers up to date with new plans, issues, shop drawings or Requests for Information (RFIs). Additionally, coordination with General Contractors and other trades is smoother when everyone can easily see when and how they fit in.

This e-book will focus on Concrete Subcontractors embracing construction software tools and how it impacts:

  • Meeting project schedules and deadlines
  • Collaborating with GCs and other trades
  • Managing sheets, blueprints, versions
  • Preventing costly errors and rework
  • Effective project closeouts
  • Attracting talent as the workforce ages
  • Scaling as your organization grows
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