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4th Annual Axe Contest
Show Us Your Craft

We’re pleased to announce PlanGrid’s 4th Annual Axe Contest! The Axe Contest is an annual PlanGrid tradition where industry professionals can show off the projects they’ve built with PlanGrid and compete for the ultimate prize: a Best Made axe.

We're so used to seeing construction in our daily lives, sometimes it's easy to overlook the beauty. From towering cranes and innovative building structures to the actual boots on the ground doing the work for the offices we now sit in, construction is everywhere. But the work it takes to produce such feats is nothing short of incredible, and we want to share these inspiring stories of project creation with photos. Whether it’s capturing the physical building materials themselves, people on a jobsite, or the actual finished project, we’d like you to show us your craft at all stages of a project—from plan to completion.

To enter the contest, submit your photo in any of the three categories:
Picture Perfect
Show off your latest project in all its glory. Submissions to this category include new and innovative designs stunningly executed.
Hidden Beauty
Much of the work behind construction is hidden in the final project. Submissions in this category capture those details—before they are covered up.
Day in the Life
Nothing gets built without teamwork. Submissions to this category highlight the collaboration and camaraderie that exists within teams.
How to Win (9 total winners across 3 categories):
1 Place Winners
across each category will recieve the PlanGrid Axe for 2017
2 & 3 Place Winners
across each category will recieve the PlanGrid Hatchet for 2017

Social disclaimer/rules:

The 2017 Axe Contest will begin on 11/9/2017 at 7am Pacific Standard Time and end at 5pm Pacific Standard Time on 12/7/2017. Each person may submit multiple entries, with each submission done separately, one photo per submission. A winner will be selected for each category, but a person can only win once. Winners will be selected by an internal committee and be reviewed for completeness, quality, relevancy to category and the entry overall. See full contest rules.