We're a team of construction engineers and computer scientists.


About Us

Founded in 2011 by two pairs of construction engineers and computer scientists, PlanGrid brings beautiful, intuitive software solutions to the construction industry. Today, hundreds of thousands of construction professionals build their buildings and infrastructure using PlanGrid.

PlanGrid team walking in San Francisco

Ralph Founder, Engineering

Leslie Operations

Ruth Operations

Kenny Founder, Engineering

Tracy and Ruth solving problems at PlanGrid

Tracy Founder, Operations

Michael, Ryan and team chatting at PlanGrid HQ in San Francisco

Michael Engineering

Ryan Founder, Operations

Ivy, Lukasz, and Gwen hanging out at PlanGrid HQ

Ivy Engineering

Lukasz Engineering

Gwen Engineering

Paul, Alexie and team having a stand up meeting at PlanGrid HQ

Paul Engineering

Alexei Engineering

“PlanGrid is the cat’s meow and bee’s knees”

— Construction Project Manager
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